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Warm up before you play. Start with a short club, like a wedge, and take half swings. Work your way towards longer clubs to let your body get loose before hitting the driver.
In order to obtain more accuracy off the tee, try holding your Driver shorter or tee off with a 3 wood. You will get better control without sacrificing alot of distance.
When hitting the ball out of the rough, open your clubface like a sand shot. Play the ball a little behind center of your stance and make a full swing. DO NOT try to hit it harder. (Use a higher lofted club in THICK ROUGH.)
Short Game Practice will help you to lower your score. 50% of your score is PUTTING
We all miss greens so the key to scoring is to becoming more efficient around the greens. Practice putting from 6 feet or less to gain confidence in the short putts and watch your scores get better. 
Try using your HYBRID like a putter when you are off the green. It's easier to use than a higher lofted club and gives you another option around the green or when you're short of the green.
Remember to have fun. Golf can be more than a competition. It's a sport the whole family can enjoy together.